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Emergency lighting is a regulatory requirement for any public enclosed space. It is lighting which will illuminate during an emergency situation when the main power supply is cut and therefore normal illumination will fail. Sudden Darkness could lead to a possible danger to occupants, hence the need for emergency lighting.

According to, “Emergency lighting is normally required to operate fully automatically and give illumination of a sufficiently high level to enable all occupants to evacuate the premises safely.”

Although most new buildings have emergency lighting installed at the point of construction, there are many older buildings which do not have sufficient emergency lighting in place that is in accordance with current Building Regulations and local authority requirements.

The British Standard, BS 5266-1: 2011, gives details for residential hotels, clubs, hospitals, nursing homes, schools and colleges, licensed premises, offices, museums, shops, multi-storey dwellings, etc with regards their emergency lighting systems and design.

M&S Electrical can offer design and installation services for full emergency lighting systems in accordance with The British Standard.


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