Portable Appliance Testing

We can carry out all parts of the testing process on your behalf, with absolute minimal disturbance:

  • We will identify which pieces of equipment fall under the PAT testing legislation.
  • We will test all identified equipment. Passes and failures will be noted in a report and labeled clearly on the device in question.
  • We realize that you may prefer to have the testing carried out at a time when disruption will be minimal to staff\tenants\pupils, etc. and therefore we aim to be as flexible as possible with our appointments in order to suit your requirements
  • Basic repairs (such as cartridge fuse replacement, plug re-wiring, etc.) will be carried out on the spot by our electrician wherever possible to ensure a device passes the PAT test. Where more serious repairs are needed then we will notify you and repair options and costs can be discussed.
  • Records of all your equipment and its pass\fail state will be left with you and a backup copy will be kept at our offices.
  • When equipment is due for retest we will automatically notify you, ensuring you stay on the right side of legislative, accreditation and insurance requirements.

Please contact us for more details.

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