Portable Appliance Testing

PAT testing incorporates an initial visual inspection and an electrical safety test.
The visual inspection will often pick up the majority of faults and problems. These inspections must only be carried out by persons competent to do so and the results of the inspection must be documented. Areas we look at are as follows:

  • Damage to casing or loose wires
  • Is the equipment working?
  • Does it switch on and off?
  • Is the means of disconnection\isolation accessible?
  • What is its condition?
  • Signs of temporary repairs
  • Are the cable ends secure?
  • Check the cable terminations secure and correct (for non-moulded plugs)?
  • Is the plug cover secure (for non-moulded plugs)?
  • Is a correctly rated fuse installed?
  • Check for internal or external signs of damage
  • Is the equipment suitable for the environment or the nature of the work being undertaken?

If the appliance passes these initial visual checks then the electrical safety check can be carried out.

Electrical safety checks - we carry these out using a ‘Robin Smartpat 5500’ Portable Appliance Tester, which performs all tests prescribed by the HSE.
These tests are as follows:

Earth Bond Test
This applies a test current down the earth pin of the plug to an earth probe connected to any exposed metalwork on the casing of the appliance. This checks the integrity of the earth path should a fault occur.

Insulation Resistance Test
This applies a test voltage between the live and neutral bonded together and earth. From this we can calculate the insulation resistance. Note: this test is not typically carried out on IT equipment.

Flash Test
To test the appliance’s insulation, specifically for damaged\repaired devices, but rarely used as a routine test.

Load Test
This starts the appliance as if it was being used normally and measures the power being consumed. This is to compare it to the manufacturers rating plate which should be attached to the appliance.

Earth Leakage Test
The current flowing into the equipment is compared to the current flowing out, with any difference measured as earth leakage. This test is used in preference to the Insulation Test with IT equipment.

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