Climate change is one of the greatest threats currently facing the planet and most scientists now agree that human activity, mainly the increase in the use of fossil fuels, is the single greatest cause for the increase in temperatures and rising sea levels.

M&S Electrical are committed to finding ways in which we can all make a difference and lessen the harmful impact that we have on the environment.  As a company, we currently recycle up to 90% of our paper and packaging waste, and closely monitor the efficiency of our work vehicles, ensuring that all are serviced regularly and that other routine checks are carried out, like ensuring that they are running at the correct tyre pressures to help minimize the impact they have on the environment. When it comes to renewing our fleet of vehicles we are committed to continuing to look at the ways that we can further reduce the impact we have on the environment by using vehicles with the lowest emissions and which are the most suitable for the job.

Of course, at work and at home, we all rely on electricity to power our lights, appliances and often to provide heat and hot water too. However, the continued depletion of fossil fuelled energy sources and the urgent need to cut the pollution caused by burning these fossil fuels to create our energy means that now, more than ever, we must look at ways in which we can all save energy and/or use alternative resources in our homes and places of work.

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