Energy Saving Tips

Here are a few of our ‘electrical’ energy saving tips to help you reduce your carbon footprint and hopefully put a little something extra away for those inevitable ‘rainy days’.

At Home:

  1. Set your room thermostats appropriately for each room. In rooms only used occasionally leave the room thermostat on a low setting.
  2. Turn your thermostat down by 1 degree or more if possible; saving up to 10% more energy for every 1 degree reduction.
  3. During the winter months, if you are away from home for any length of time, set your thermostat to ‘frost protection’ to prevent frozen pipes but to minimize energy use whilst your property is empty.
  4. Have a shower instead of a bath and set your cylinder thermostat to 60oC/140oF - which is usually adequate for bathing and washing.
  5. Use low energy bulbs only and turn off any lights when they are not in use.

At Work:

As well as the tips above, try seeing if you could also implement some or all of the following at your place of work.

  1. Fit PIR sensors to lights, wherever this may be appropriate. i.e. In rooms that are used infrequently like store/archive rooms and WCs
  2. Nominate a colleague, or take it in turns, each week to be your workplace ‘energy saver’ – someone who makes sure that the office equipment, heater and lights are switched off at night and on weekends.

For lots more energy saving tips, ideas and information use the links below and throughout our ‘green’ pages to visit other government, company and independent websites to find out more on how we can all be a ‘little more green and a little less mean’ to our environment.

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