Portable Appliance Testing

Portable appliances can be broadly identified in these terms:

  • hand-held whilst being connected to the supply
  • can be moved without undue difficulty whilst connected to the supply
  • intended to be moved whilst connected to the supply

Please note: It is not limited to devices that only have a three-pin plug at the end. The Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE) Code of Practice breaks down the terms into more specific areas, as follows:

An appliance, of less than 18kg in mass, that is intended to be moved whilst in operation or an appliance which can easily be moved from one place to another. Examples include vacuum cleaners, kettles, lamps etc.

Movable (Transportable)
A non-fixed piece of equipment, of 18kg or less, intended to be moved from one location to another such as an electric fire. 
This also covers equipment provided with castors, wheels or other means to assist movement by the operator. For example a mobile dehumidifier.

This is portable equipment intended to be held in the hand during normal use. For example power tools.

This equipment has a mass exceeding 18kg and is not provided with a carrying handle, e.g. a vending machine.

Equipment, or an appliance, which is fastened to a support or otherwise secured in a specific location, e.g. a bathroom hand-dryer.

This equipment is intended to be installed in a prepared area such as a cupboard or similar. In general, equipment for building in does not have an enclosure on all sides because additional protection against electrical shock is provided by the surroundings. For example a built-in electric cooker.

Information Technology (IT)
IT equipment includes mains powered business equipment such as computers and monitors as well as main powered telecommunications devices such as fax machines.

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