Company Work Policy / Ethos

Our company mission statement
To provide electrical installation & electrical maintenance services in the domestic, industrial and commercial market, which are safe, beneficial and adaptable and to exceed our customers needs. To generate sufficient profits in order to continually invest in our staff and training, our equipment, premises and processes to create the best equal opportunities for us all.

  1. Ensure that Health & Safety is your number one priority in the way you operate. Take responsibility to keep yourself informed on all Health & Safety Issues and work to rule following the guidance of company Method Statements and Risk Assessments at all times.
  2. Always deliver the very best in customer service in the way you operate, conduct and present yourself. Remember you are the person our customers will remember most and therefore we should always leave the best impression possible
  3. Ensure your ongoing requirements for any training and development are voiced to your manager so that you can deliver the mission, and work towards your own personal career ambitions.
  1. In giving superior service to all of our customers and support to our colleagues at all times
  2. That success is the result of clear, cooperative, positive thinking
  3. That good management is about recognizing what people are doing right and treating everyone with equal respect
  4. That challenges should be used as learning experiences
  5. In operating above the line and going the extra mile when necessary
  6. That we should strive to release the potential in every person who is part of our team at M&S Electrical
  7. That we must all re-earn our position each and every day
  8. That loyalty is an essential part of our moral code
  9. That we all need to believe in the company mission statement and in growing M&S Electrical by continually attracting strong people to join our team and therefore attracting the best customers to help grow our business further
  10. That we should all have fun in the process and feel appreciated, satisfied and rewarded in our roles
  1. We will always work in a safe manner.
  2. They will be given best value solutions to meet or exceed their expectations.
  3. We will listen, advise, plan and deliver with skill and dedication.
  4. We are a trusted partner.
  1. Profit generation that can be reinvested.
  2. A highly proficient and competent workforce.
  3. Opportunities for all.
  4. Long standing relationships with the best clients in our selected market,
  5. Differentiates us against competition in our selected market.

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